Warehouse Multiviscomindo Bekasi


a design route in tradition

This hotel was designed in a way that allowed for modern architecture to be adapted to ethnic tradition guidelines. Since The Island of God, Bali. wellknown of its organic architectural forms, especially hotel. It has to follow the organic line and are completely integrated with the surroundings.

Modern Architecture language of modelling tells the story of unique urban entity that makes dwelling very pleasant and designed to blend in with nature. Any landscaping elements, including little temple they call “sanggah” were also careful- ly placed in a way that accent and compliments building and spaces. All of the construction was designes using ecological materials in a way that makes subtle conjunction between modern and traditional, and contributes to better quality of this ambience.

Project data

Project Name Warehouse Multiviscomindo Bekasi
Location Bekasi
Function Warehouse
Status Built
Size Area
Client Client