Villery & Bosch Showroom

Panglima Polim, JAKARTA

Fagade in no ordinary way

Different treatment of building façade has been an issue since the mass production building of glass and alumunium curtain wall. Pinpoint from that fact, Villeroy & Boch decided to present this showroom in no ordinary way. By exploring wide range of todays design possibilities, the term of modern finally converge to the concept of combining both composition and unique material scheme Specific architectural quality in material and texture accomplished by tiled planar surface floating in front of façade which actualy made from batu jogya with composite steel structure that hold them together. The building transparency form outsite through inside imaginer boundaries hence emphasize the plane dramatic setup in the same time.

Project data

Project Name Villeroy & Bosch Showroom
Location Panglima Polim, Jakarta
Function Commercial
Status Built
Size Area
Client Client