The Dharma Indah Regency Surabaya

Dharma Husada district, SURABAYA

the location

Being a part of Dharma Husada district, one of the luxurious dwelling place in Surabaya, this residential development targeted at middle-up-class citizens that would need housing with the ease for being in a premium location and the high return investment, without paying the astounding high price.

Set within 29.000 sqm tropical jandscape, this housing project consist of 139 dwelling unit, various community area, and 6 unit shophouses in the main gate, which elaborate traditional motive as the accent panel to provide design exclusiveness.

site constraints & opportunities

Starting from tre form the irregular site come the concept of garden city, in which the pinpoint of design is the space identity. Rather than using formal grid line, the masterplan interacts housing blocks, circulation, and surrounding together creating various inidentica!l vistas along every corner of streetscape.

Housing blocks are designed in a relatively small group, while the negative space formed by site and blocks outlines neatly arranged with community area, botanical garden to shape flowing spatial leisureness throughout the place,

Project data

Project Name The Dharma Indah Regency Surabaya
Location Dharma Husada district, SURABAYA
Function Residential
Status Built
Size Area
Client Client