Sate Khas Senayan

Hayam wuruk, Jakarta Pusat

tradition & signature

To establish signature restaurant, Sate Senayan had maintain a design guidelines and standards. The theme of Javanese traditional that represented by wayang story from R.A. Kosasih as mascot. Visual exposure of ethnical and pieces backgrounded with selection of local materials like exposed terracotta bricks, monotone washed paint panels, nicely appears as pop culture that bring old element to be up to date. Meeting the expanding culinary bussines this outlet space devided as main dining area in the ground floor and vip room on the second floor. The entrance area is double ceiling height with glass railing and simple lines to manipulate a relatively small frontwidth to appear more spacious and weightless.

Project data

Project Name Sate Khas Senayan
Location Hayam wuruk, Jakarta Pusat
Function Commercial
Status Built
Size Area
Client Client