Roger’s Salon & SPA Senopati

Jl. Senopati, JAKARTA

cleverly curved

While the main constraint of design still focus on space effectiveness for area which contain large private block salon, clinic, and spa, this building manage to give An eye catching accent by cleverly curved rooftop and leaning heavy stone column that visually make this building look distictive at a glance Enhanced by it’s location in a fast growing area, which still surrounded by heavy tropical vegetation, the role of Rogers Spa in Wolter as retreat oasis has perfectly meets the tranquility required in a tropical spa

restoring signature

The pimary constraint of this project was creating harmonius design for building extension beside the existing Roger’s Alfa . Rather than tearing down old building or make panels of meaningless stripes that regardlessly become bad architectural trend today, the new building attached seamlessly to the existing through detail similarity and overlapped mass. A plane of batu susun sirih spreads along groundlevel, lightened by proportionalised opening, confim this elegant composition understated.

Project data

Project Name Roger's Salon & SPA Senopati
Location Jl. Senopati, Jakarta
Function Commercial
Status Built
Size Area
Client Client