American Pillo Headquarter

Sidomulyo 8, Surabaya

the twin landscraper

To double the expanding production capacity, one of the main issue while kicking off this project, is pointed at the simpleness process and management. The new factory building was designed same as twin with the existing that already perfectly running.

While other main issue is the presentation of corporate image by headoffice architecture.

That is abstract and unmeasured but proven to add person productivity whether by.more efficient working place layout, or by spirit that nurture from the pride of being there. And last but not least, it is undeniable that you can judge a company by it’s most important portfolio, their building, that’s is a measure of trustability and reliability.

The building presented in modern architecture is a compound of 2 factories behind the new glass facaded office. The skybridge connect the facelifted existing office as union in function space and composition. The factory use as much as possible natural ventilation and tighting for it’s part of today sustainability environment, together with a vast greenery landscape that buffered the hectic production lines.

Project data

Project Name American Pillo Headquarter
Location Sidomulyo 8, Surabaya
Function Office
Status Built
Size Area
Client Client