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Surabaya, Indonesia

Fave Hotel

Structural Engineer
Archikon Wiratama

Mechanical Engineer
Archikon Wiratama

Year of Completion

The construction site is taking place on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the existing MEX Building Surabaya. With total gross area of 2480 sqm business space that will be transformed to be a pristine city hotel consisting of 78 deluxe and suite. With a very tight schedule of 6 months, comes every innovative solution from construction management to up to date technology and material which highly regarded for its fast and precision built.
Devoted entirely to a fusion of clean understate modern architecture and innovative interior, this city hotel features enticing interior consist accented magenta light and detail over a sheer of simplicity straight lines, and simple furnishing.
A careful composition keep this two component harmonized, so even with these, they make most rooms’ enhanced appearance to be as cozy as typical hotel than a structure of immense design importance.