Interior & Furnitures

Jakarta, Indonesia

Senayan Apartment

Structural Engineer
Archikon Wiratama

Mechanical Engineer
Archikon Wiratama

Year of Completion

The layout redesign concentrated in existing reconfiguration, only a few walls was demolished in the end, achieving the larger and proportionalized room. There’s a bigger walk in closet using the existing storage in service area, a bigger junior room by joining the study area inside.
Interior style was a boutique, mix and match, or what we often call The 'O' Style, as it was Nate Berkus from Oprah Winfrey Show that first open up our idea to leave the formal classic and cold minimalism. The 'O' new modern classic furniture offers a refreshing start in new direction. While its simplicity perfected, the portrait of every room balances modern aesthetics with intrinsically tropical sensibilities.
Walls color scheme that was boldly chose, but still in an earthy palette. Most of the wall was covered with the darker color to give the cozy impression, deep connected every loose pieces over the warmth and enhanced unity of foreground furnishing to wall and background panel. Carefully handpicked artworks and painting finished the subtle and refine the nuance with independent and personal touch