Jakarta, Indonesia

The Alexandria

Structural Engineer
Archikon Wiratama

Mechanical Engineer
Archikon Wiratama

Year of Completion

Built in 2001 as the first residential project commissioned after 1998 economic crisis. A condition that took property to idle development gave hidden benefit for us to take a wider and fresh insight into our past and future housing portfolio.
The house itself was a milestone courageous step in layouts concept that we had hardly found in our past market driven portfolio, from the entrance foyer with a framed vista of tropical pool to independent block of master suite area, to the translation of architectural enclosure and openness that spread throughout this simple form.
Interior of the house was done by mix and match boutique style. There’s color coordination of earth tone, but the monochromatic color and uniform dark-brown furniture was the last thing that ever come to our mind. since the result of this type of furnishing is a ‘little bit dull’ and the house itself by its calmness provide a blank canvas for the interior to spark.
From here, we realized that assertiveness in good design and persuasive terms in creating a feast of great ideas altogether will give generous benefit to the mutual trust for both client and architect